Fuck Yeah 30 Seconds to Mars Secrets

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Note: To protect anonymity, all secrets are saved and reuploaded from the mod(s) computer.

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  • This is a tumblr for any and all of your 30 Second to Mars related secrets. Like Post Secret with Mars!

    Submissions: You can either submit the url (photobucket, tinypic, etc) of your secret the ask box, or upload your secret on the submissions page.

    Disclaimer: We, as mods, retain the right to refuse to post secrets at our discretion and to modify/edit submissions to maintain anonymity

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    you did not put my secret up

    • I have no idea WHICH secret you’re talking about
    • I just got on so it may be that it’s in the queue now
    • if it wasn’t already put together (meaning the text was not ON the photo) then I can’t currently post it because I don’t have the software to edit some of them together. These are waiting in the queue still and will be posted as soon as possible.
    • Although it hasn’t happened recently (as in the past few MONTHS) there are some secrets we choose not to put up because of their content.